Las Vegas, Nevada - 5G is envisioned as a wireless network that will deliver speeds of 20 Gbps, offer extremely low latency and connect billions of devices. In fact, most experts believe 5G will be the perfect backbone for the Internet of Things because it will bring together many disparate networks into one unified framework that combines shortrange communications such as RFID and Bluetooth with cellular technology and incorporates small cells and heterogeneous networks. In addition, 5G will likely use new spectrum in the high-frequency millimeter wave and microwave bands.

Las Vegas, Nevada - A Las Vegas man pleaded guilty today to conspiracy for his role in an investment fraud scheme that promoted fraudulent investment opportunities and caused more than $5 million in losses to investors.

Washington, DC - The United States filed a civil injunction suit seeking to bar James Tarpey, a Montana-based attorney, Project Philanthropy, Inc. (a District of Columbia corporation which does business as Donate for a Cause) and Timeshare Closings, Inc. (a Colorado corporation which does business as Resort Closings, Inc.) from promoting an allegedly abusive timeshare donation scheme, the Justice Department announced today.  The United States also filed suit against three of Tarpey’s associates – Ron Broyles of California, Curt Thor of Washington and Suzanne Crowson of Montana – all of whom, according to the complaint, assisted Tarpey in facilitating the timeshare donation scheme.

Carson City, Nevada - Over the past few weeks, the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) has collaborated with other state and local agencies and licensing boards to review public health and safety concerns of cryogenic chamber machines, also called a cryosauna. DPBH has conducted site visits to the known open facilities that have the machines and consulted with a major distributer of the machines in the United States, CryoUSA, located in Dallas, Texas.

Washington, DC - The Department of Justice announced today that Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG (IHAG) reached a resolution under the department’s Swiss Bank Program.  IHAG will pay a penalty of more than $7 million.

Hollywood, California - Founder of the Naughty Lifestyle Empire, Sienna Sinclaire has been nominated as “Sexpert of the Year” by adult industry leader XBIZ.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Nevada health officials have opened the Stein Forensic Unit on the Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health campus after extensive renovations to the building in an ongoing effort to improve the state’s delivery of mental health services.

Baltimore, Maryland - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers arrested a Jamaican woman for allegedly smuggling more than four ounces of cocaine inside her body to Baltimore Washington International Airport on November 11.

Lake Tahoe, California - While hitting the slopes at Lake Tahoe this winter, scientists from the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center are encouraging people to hit the beach, too - and record what they see there on the “Citizen Science Tahoe” mobile app.

Washington, DC - USDA Rural Utilities Service Administrator Brandon McBride today announced that nearly six million Americans who live and work in rural areas now have access to new or improved high-speed internet service, thanks to USDA funding provided in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.