Las Vegas, Nevada - Summer time means more cases of dehydration at area hospitals nationwide, but seniors are especially vulnerable. As we age, we don’t notice the symptoms such as body temperature changes and seniors don’t experience the same level of thirst that younger people do. It’s part of the reason why recent studies show dehydration in patients 65 and older is one of the top ten most common emergency room diagnosis.

Dehydration symptoms can range from headaches to nausea to loss of balance.

It turns out what’s good for football champs is good for seniors too. To tackle the problem (and give our residents some fun), Aegis Living, a national leader in assisted living and memory care, teamed up with the NFL Super Bowl champs Seattle Seahawks nutritionist Michele Clarke-Mason, and we asked her to make a delicious healthy smoothie to hydrate and boost anyone’s brain game. Who doesn’t want to focus and energize. The result? The“Stealthy Green Smoothie”. Keep in mind, creativity is one of the three great ways to prevent dehydration for anyone. Some easy tips include:

1.    Making drinks convenient and accessible.

2.    Using visible reminders such as notes to drink 8oz 5-times a day.

3.    Be creative and versatile. Seniors get bored with the same old thing too.

According to Aegis Living Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shirley Newell, “This smoothie does more than hydrate.” The “Stealthy Green Smoothie” recipe is free to download at offers pertinent antioxidants and brain boosting Kale. “Kale is considered a “superfood” and is a wonderful antioxidant. It’s an anti-inflammatory and creates building blocks for certain neurotransmitters and minerals to boost brain health.”

"Other dehydration tips include; staying cool indoors, avoid diuretics such as caffeinated drinks, pace yourself when doing outdoor activities," said Dr. Newell. Dr. Newell oversees all medical operations at Aegis.

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