Las Vegas, Nevada - AuroraTek is a new Innovative Technology Company that has developed a revolutionary Energy Management System that is unique and a “major” game changer.

Once the AuroraTek System, called SmartPAKTM / SFTTM, is installed on any battery-powered electric device, the system will “Self-Charge.”

This means, for example, an electric scooter or bike can be parked or left idle after use, it will completely self-charge itself! No more plugging into electric grid to recharge the batteries! The SmartPAKTM / SFTTM Energy Management System can be scaled up or down for small or large applications.

Our energy technology can easily replace the burning of fossil fuels, deadly nuclear fission and costly renewable energy sources such as solar and wind systems.

AuroraTek will debut its technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014:

  Booth number: 73112

  Booth location: Eureka Park Techzone, Venetian Hotel, Level 1