Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - A federal jury in Oklahoma City convicted two Texas men and a California man for their participation in a racketeering conspiracy involving illegal gambling and money laundering, announced Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Sanford C. Coats of the Western District of Oklahoma.

Washington, DC - The United States is alarmed by reports of retaliatory attacks in Burundi following the attempted unlawful seizure of power on May 13 and the growing risk of greater violence and atrocities. The United States urgently calls on President Nkurunziza to condemn and stop the use of violence by the police and the ruling party’s Imbonerakure youth militias against those who participated in protests against a third term.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - Many Americans, especially the younger generations, tend to underestimate the risk of experiencing an illness or injury. Unfortunately, the chances of facing a disability are greater than most would want to believe. Research from Life Happens shows that one-third of Americans will experience a disability that will interfere with their ability to work at some point during their career.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - Anyone touched and intrigued by the book or movie about American Sniper Chris Kyle may be glad to know the story isn’t over.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - Graduation 2014 unleashed 1.6 million graduates into the workforce, according to theNationalCenter for Education Statistics. While many of those recent graduates are already working, a large percentage are not. Either way, they all have something in common—memories of a senior year full of stressful decisions.

Des Moines, Iowa (NAPSI) - As farmers hustle to the fields for 2015 planting, high oleic soybeans are marking the fifth season in the eastern part of the U.S. soybean-growing region.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - Capable, strong and confident women are in the news with increasing frequency these days-from politicians and movie stars to women making strides in sports, business and the military. Parents are becoming more aware that helping their children particularly girls build skills that lead to empowerment is important for success in life. But many parents may be wondering just how to go about it.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - A federal jury Friday convicted a Texas man of running an illegal international gambling enterprise and conspiring to commit money laundering,

Washington, DC - The Federal Trade Commission has adopted revisions to its Rules of Practice, which will enable parties in adjudicative proceedings before the Commission to file confidential documents electronically. Information about the e-filing system includes additional guidance about its new features.

Montgomery, Alabama (NAPSI) - While you may be familiar with the major turning points of the American civil rights movement of the 1960s, the award-winning feature film “Selma,” which is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, shines a light on some of the lesser-known realities of that critical time in American history.