Las Vegas, Nevada - Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy proudly announces the graduation of their student Jorja Montgomery from Las Vegas, Nevada. This Southern California based academy provides hands-on spray tanning training program for the aspiring airbrush tanning technicians.

Unlike any other spray tanning training center, Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy has the enviable credential of helping almost all their students start their own business in this rapidly expanding industry. The owner and the Chief Instructor of the academy Simone Emmons is one of the most respected personalities in America’s airbrush tanning industry. Jorja Montgomery’s new business named Seamless Spray Tans is now offering mobile airbrush tanning services in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada area.

Since the last two years, Jorja Montgomery has been working as a speed waxer. When asked about the reason behind her interest in airbrush tanning, Jorja said, “As a mom of two young children, it is difficult for me to make it to a tanning salon for a spray tan or a beauty salon to get my hair or nails done. I wanted to provide other moms with busy schedules an easy way to still be pampered, which is why I chose mobile spray tanning.” She also added that she looks forward to providing world class spray tanning with her unique technique and professional product selection.

The popularity of airbrush tanning has increased significantly over the last few years. As a result, more and more beauty and wellness professionals like Jorja are now leaving no stone unturned to include spray tanning in their service offering. Her mobile spray tanning service is available at homes, offices, private parties, events, and competitions. Explaining her future plans, Jorja said, “I want to make a name for myself within the spray tanning world as I have in the waxing world. I plan to serve clientele around the Las Vegas area and all through the Las Vegas strip - including the many tourists, performers, dancers and hard working individuals in the Las Vegas entertainment industry.”

Jorja also thanked Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy and its owner Simone for the unique benefits she received during her training. “I really appreciated learning how to choose the right color for a client based on their skin type. Learning the meaning of the DHA percentages was really important. Also it was so nice to be able to utilize Simone's machines and get a feel for the gun I prefer before actually purchasing one”, she said.

Sunless tanning enthusiasts in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Henderson may contact Jorja for Hollywood style spray tanning service by calling her at (702)289-8498 or visiting her website

About Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy:

Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy is located in Los Angeles, California and offers an extensive Spray Tanning Certification program to anyone who wishes to learn spray tanning. Simone Emmons, the creator of the spray tanning training program, has been a professional, licensed spray tanning technician and teacher and has helped numerous entrepreneurs from Louisiana, Kentucky, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, Alaska, Ohio, California, New York, Canada and the Island of Hawaii and Trinidad start a business in Airbrush Tanning. The spray tanning program is unique because it provides hands-on and private spray tanning training to individuals who want to start an Airbrush Tanning Business. According to Emmons, this spray tanning program gives individuals a leading edge in starting an Airbrush Tanning business immediately after finishing with the training. Students have the option to choose from a full day course of 10-12 hours or two half day courses of 5-6 hours a day or through live video conferencing. The academy is also launching a website soon so students can learn Airbrush Tanning Online. Many tanning training institutions only educate students on their own equipment and products they sell; however, Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy does not sell any of their own products and provides training and education on all equipment and good products in the airbrush tanning industry.

Individuals interested in learning spray tanning and starting their own Airbrush Tanning Business should visit the website at Hollywood Airbrush Tanning Academy, or for more detailed information about the airbrush tanning classes, visit