Las Vegas, Nevada - When Service 1st Energy Solutions created their unique model for solar power applications and complete home energy efficiency, they surely factored in one very large puzzle piece - heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). But this decision didn’t come from amateurs, the founders of Service 1st Energy Solution s have spent over 25 years successfully developing HVAC companies and serving the Las Vegas Valley.

So, what’s different this time? The puzzle as a whole … utilizing HVAC to help eliminate power bills for Las Vegas residents.

“This time the conversation is different,” says President (previous General Manager), Tim Fromhart, “We’re not looking at one aspect of our customers’ homes. In fact, we’re looking at the home as a whole, devising a strategy to reduce consumption and then eliminate power bills. HVAC operation and efficiency is a huge component of that. It gives us the opportunity to show our customers what we do and how it can make a positive financial impact in their lives.”

Many consumers don’t realize that heating and cooling a home can represent about 54% of the average utility bill (Reported by While it’s great to know this information, the other half is recognizing what to do about reducing consumption and leveraging efficiency to maximize production. HVAC replacement is complex with many options, which is why Service 1st Energy Solutions plans to focus on educating customers about energy efficient air conditioning systems, as well as solar energy.

“This isn’t a new market for us,” says Tim Fromhart, “but it is the opportunity to give our customers more knowledge to make smart decisions about their energy use.”

Service 1st Energy Solutions will continue their work with NVEnergy as a participating contractor in programs like Check Me Plus, which provide free services to customers willing to test and upgrade their system efficiency.

Service 1st Energy Solutions plans to continually develop their HVAC division, using it as a platform to generate awareness. Their focus will remain in high efficiency cooling systems that can operate with less power, producing the same great results. After all, the energy consumption of each individual family directly contributes to the health of our environment and future; looks like clean energy is here to stay.

About Service 1st Energy Solutions
Service 1st Energy Solutions specializes in energy efficient packages including HVAC upgrades, weatherization options and solar power for both Las Vegas residences and commercial businesses. With over 25 years of experience serving southern Nevada, Service 1st Energy Solutions focuses on educating consumers about energy efficient solutions. Installations completed by Service 1st Energy Solutions include over 15,000 solar panels that are currently generating over 2 megawatts of solar power to the Las Vegas area.