Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - For many, cats and kittens can be an almost endless source of fascination. It's not uncommon for people to confess they can spend hours watching cute cat videos on the Internet and sharing cat photos online.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - When it comes to your pet’s health, investing the time and effort to use tick and flea preventatives can really pay dividends. For starters, such treatment will do more than just eliminate your pet’s itchy fleas and prevent allergic reactions.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - A few simple steps can help reduce the risk that your loved ones will be injured in your house.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - From the big milestones to the everyday moments, chances are, you knew Mom would be there for you. So on her special day, you want to find exactly the right way to let her know how much she continues to inspire and encourage you.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - A recent survey revealed just how stressed today’s college students are, and that despite overwhelming disapproval of the misuse, abuse and diversion of ADHD prescription stimulant medications, some students still believe that students who misuse are just doing what they have to do to keep up with the pressures of college.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - For college sophomore Rutha Nuguse, giving back has always been core to who she is. “Aside from my work experience, including my volunteer experience on my résumé or profile allows me to proudly show the contribution I’ve made to my community and share more about my character,” said Nuguse. “It’s a core part of who I am as a person and professional in my off-line life, so why wouldn’t I include it in my online profiles?”

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - New cars offer the latest in infotainment, safety and convenience but what if you aren’t in the market for a new ride? Fortunately, there are many aftermarket products that can add value to a car you’ve already paid off, and are often more advanced than factory-installed features on the road today.

Las Vegas, Nevada - In Consumer Reports’ new supermarket survey, Wegmans, Publix, and Trader Joe’s remain at the top of the Ratings of 68 of stores nationwide.  Also earning high overall satisfaction scores were Fareway Stores, Market Basket (Northeast), Costco, and Raley’s.  Once again, America’s largest grocer, Walmart Supercenter, landed at the bottom, along with A & P and Waldbaums, two smaller regional chains.

Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - While in today’s culture, runways set the pace and magazines push the trends, you don’t have to be a slave to fashion to be in style.

Las Vegas, Nevada - The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced it is considering proposals for strong rules aimed at payday loans, vehicle title loans and other financial products.  The CFPB said it wants to eliminate debt traps that have harmed millions of consumers.