Las Vegas, Nevada - The Independent American Party nominated 24 candidates at its State Convention in Las Vegas which concluded on March 1, 2014. The list was submitted to the Secretary of State. Additional candidates may be added to the list until March 14th at the close of filing. All nominated candidates must file for office with their County Clerk, Registrar of Voters or Secretary of State.

The Independent American candidates do not have a primary and go directly to the general election ballot in November.

Candidates topping the Independent American Party list include: David VanDerBeek for Governor, Mike Little for Lt. Governor, Jonathan Hansen for Attorney General, Kress Cave for State Treasurer, and Tom Jones for State Controller. There are four congressional candidates including: District 1 - Kamau Bakari, District 2 - Janine Hansen, District 3 - Russell Best, District 4 - Roger Baum. Candidates for State Senate, Assembly, and local county offices have also been nominated. See the current candidate list below.

In addition to nominating candidates, the party selected new state party officers for the State Executive Committee including:  Chairman--John Wagner, Vice-Chairman--Brad Barnhill, Secretary--Jon Kamerath, Treasurer--Lynn Chapman, National Committeemen--Janine Hansen, Russell Best, Jonathan Hansen, Kamau Bakari, At Large members--Tom Jones, Warren Markowitz, Tim Fasano, and Party Counsel--Joel Hansen. Alternates selected for National Committee include: Richard Engel, Michael Smith, David VanDerBeek, Cheryl Smith and Sally Zamora.

The Independent American Party is the third largest party in the state and is also the fastest growing party.  We have 69,442 registered Independent Americans.

“Voters are abandoning the Twin Party Monopoly which has left Nevadans, indeed all Americans, with the twin burdens of excessive government and high taxes. The Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same debased coin, offering no real choice,” stated John Wagner, Independent American Party State Chairman.

“The Independent American Party offers a vision of a prosperous future to Nevadans. We support the restoration of our liberties and a return of prosperity and jobs by returning to the principles imbedded in our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, that the Twin Parties have abandoned,” concluded Wagner.

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