Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval released the following statement today after SolarCity announced the company would eliminate jobs in the State of Nevada.

Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval commented today on the rooftop solar industry’s tactics and reaction to the Public Utility Commission’s recent order on net metering.

Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval issued the following statement prior to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) meeting this morning where the Commission is scheduled to consider a draft measure that will impact net metering policy in Nevada.

Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval today signed the attached Proclamation which calls the Legislature into a Special Session.

Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval today signed into law Senate Bills 1, 2, and 3 and Assembly Bill 1, legislation from the 29th Special Session (2015 Special Session). The Governor called the Legislature into special session beginning Wednesday, December 16th and the body concluded its work this afternoon. Sandoval hosted a signing ceremony in the Old Assembly Chambers in Carson City which included Legislative Leadership, Members of the Legislature, and representatives from Faraday Future, an innovative transportation company that could potentially benefit from this legislation.

Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval today announced the appointment of Terri Albertson as Director of the Department of Motor Vehicles, effective immediately. Albertson had been serving as the Interim-Director of the Department since September following the retirement of Director Troy Dillard.

Las Vegas, Nevada - The Nevada Legislature will be considering a $335 development incentive package for Faraday Future this week. To focus attention on issues legislators should consider while reviewing this proposal, the Guinn Center has released Development Incentives Revisited: A Guide for Nevada Legislators.

Carson City, Nevada - Governor Brian Sandoval announced he has proclaimed today Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in Nevada.

Carson City, Nevada - Nevada’s unemployment rate fell to a seasonally adjusted 6.5 percent in November.

Carson City, Nevada - Thanksgiving is one of our nation’s oldest and most time-honored traditions. This uniquely American holiday exemplifies the very essence of those courageous pilgrims who chose to settle a new land and the generosity and selflessness of the indigenous American Indians. The character of these men and women continue to define the American Spirit. The pilgrims were pioneers, some of our nation’s first immigrants who were willing to risk everything, including their lives, for the promise of something better and the opportunity to pursue the grand idea of freedom. And by sharing their traditions and way of life, the American Indians forged our nation’s first bonds of community.