Washington, DC - Three marketers who allegedly sold phony debt relief services, including fake loans, have agreed to be banned from selling debt relief, credit repair and financial products and services, to be banned from telemarketing, and to turn over assets worth approximately $35 million dollars, under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida.

Washington, DC - When China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, it promised to abide by the rules of the international trading order. Instead, it has broken every rule in the fair trade book on the way to expanding its annual gross domestic product from $1.3tn to $11.2tn.

Washington, DC - The Donald J. Trump Administration has taken additional actions in recent weeks to combat the opioid crisis on all fronts.

Boulder City, Nevada - The National Park Service is celebrating National Park Week April 21-29 to encourage everyone to find their own connections to the more than 400 national park units that protect and preserve America’s natural and cultural history.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Fluorescence imaging is widely used for visualizing biological tissues such as the back of the eye, where signs of macular degeneration can be detected. It is also commonly used to image blood vessels during reconstructive surgery, allowing surgeons to make sure the vessels are properly connected.

Washington, DC - The U.S. Department of State commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the creation of the Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (NRRC). Established in 1987 with the purpose of opening a communications channel to the USSR to reduce the risk of nuclear conflict, today the U.S. NRRC exchanges thousands of time-sensitive notifications a year with foreign counterparts that cover nuclear, conventional, chemical, and cyber issues.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - A person watching videos that show things opening a door, a book, curtains, a blooming flower, a yawning dog easily understands the same type of action is depicted in each clip.

New Orleans, Louisiana - A New Orleans, Louisiana-area woman pleaded guilty Wednesday for her participation in a scheme to obtain oxycodone through fraud by creating fictitious prescriptions and to possess with intent to distribute oxycodone on the black market. 

San Juan, Puerto Rico - U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency responsible for securing U.S. borders, is now accepting applications to fill positions for Air and Marine Operations (AMO). AMO is looking for Air Interdiction Agents (pilots) and Marine Interdiction Agents for locations in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other locations across the country.

Cambridge, Massachusetts - Plastics are excellent insulators, meaning they can efficiently trap heat — a quality that can be an advantage in something like a coffee cup sleeve. But this insulating property is less desirable in products such as plastic casings for laptops and mobile phones, which can overheat, in part because the coverings trap the heat that the devices produce.