Las Vegas, Nevada - It’s HOT in Vegas... and children need to hydrate.  Unfortunately, the drink options pushed on our youth, especially in Las Vegas, are anything but healthy.

Nationally more than a third of young people are overweight. Nearly 18% are OBESE. For many children, the gateway to change isn’t about what they EAT. It’s about what they DRINK. Children seem to go straight to sodas and high fructose ‘juices’.  With each additional sugary drink a child consumes per day, the risk of obesity increases by an astonishing 60 percent.

One company is committed to breaking that addiction, by offering children and their mothers a choice: Water, Only Better. That’s how True Drinks, Inc., describes AquaBall. AquaBall is a Naturally Flavored Water, with No Artificial colors or flavors and Vitamin Enhanced with B3, B5, B12 & C and sweetened with Stevia, an all-natural sweetener which means it contains Zero Calories.  And the fact that there is no sugar makes it a great choice not only for children with diabetes, but helps prevent diabetes.

AquaBall is newly available in stores throughout the Las Vegas area including your local Vons, Winco, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, and Walmart.

Like the First Lady, True Drinks is passionate about making a change in our children’s health and lives. This summer the company is sending tens of thousands of AquaBalls to schools, churches and park & recreation departments across the country to help programs promote healthy hydration.  That effort to bring better hydration comes as True Drinks reaches national distribution of AquaBall in 25,000 stores and on the shelves of America’s favorite retailers by early summer.  

Why do kids love it?  The sweet flavors of Berry, Grape, Fruit Punch and Orange.  The fun ball shape, small enough to toss around but large enough to provide 12 ounces of hydration.  And, the colorful Disney characters and Marvel Superheroes wrapping AquaBalls making them not only a kid inspired choice but collectables!  Moms love it because they can say “yes” knowing it’s not just okay to drink, it’s HEALTHY.