Las Vegas, Nevada - PODS® Las Vegas, a moving and storage company is helping sponsor a 5K charity called Strip on The Strip on Saturday, March 1 at 8 a.m. Las Vegas’ first annual Strip on the Strip TM 5K race event will be lined with PODS® containers as collection points for runners to donate an article of clothing at every 1K marker, and deposit the garments into one of the PODS® containers throughout the race.

After the race, clothing will then be transported to local Goodwill stores and donated to the U.S. VETS Initiative for the 2014 Veterans Stand Down. Participants of the event are encouraged to come overdressed.
“PODS® is thrilled to be a part of this fun charity event,” says Jacobus Damwijk, manager of PODS® Las Vegas. “We love giving back to our local community charities and having the opportunity to support our United States Veterans is very close to our hearts.”
In addition to clothing donations, money raised will also be donated for the 2014 Veterans Stand Down where homeless vets will get to shower, groom and will get to shop with the donated clothes before getting interviewed to help get them jobs, off the street and back on their feet.
PODS® Las Vegas is dedicated to helping the community, and values local charities by donating its services and saving organizations thousands in logistics. PODS® recently supported Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth by donating money to the organization for every “Like” received on their Facebook page, and utilizing a PODS® container as a collection point to store clothing and other items for its homeless youth.
For more information on how to be a part of the first annual Strip on the Strip event, visit