Las Vegas, Nevada - T1Visions’ 32” and 46” inTouch Interactive Table, 80” inTouch Interactive Wall, and inTouchPad iPad application will be featured at EXHIBITOR2014 in four unique exhibitor booths.

The events and exhibits space is one of T1Visions’ fastest growing markets, and EXHIBITOR2014 marks the highest number of providers to utilize the inTouch Platform in their exhibiting booths in one show.

T1Visions’ inTouch Platform provides one complete system that is flexible and modular by design. Exhibitors can select any number or combination of touchscreen tables, walls, or accompanying mobile device integration to make company representatives more effective in the tradeshow environment. Solutions are customizable and turnkey – providing a fully branded experience to visitors while providing exhibiting companies a seamless and timely solution that can be integrated with existing booth layouts and designs.

The inTouch technology works to attract attendees to the booth, to generate and track more qualified leads, and to help brand the exhibitor space. What’s more, the platform functions as a ‘Virtual Showroom’ that allows representatives to digitally showcase the company’s entire portfolio – reducing show expenses by a significant margin. Companies can further reduce costs in allowing visitors to digitally view and email PDFs and Media Content directly from the touchscreen device – eliminating the need for print materials.

Additional options that will be displayed on the EXHIBITOR2014 floor include a barcode scanner with check-in and session tracking on the inTouch Table. Once a visitor is scanned into the booth, the booth representative will be able to track all of the content viewed and emailed from the Table. What’s more, this provides the sales associate the insight they need to follow-up with leads more effectively.

With the inTouchPad software application, all media used on the Table or Wall is reconfigured to display on the iPad. Rather than toggle between photos or apps on the device, booth representatives have a singular app that houses their content in a customized interface.

To learn more about the inTouch Platform, or to see the technology in action – visit EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas, NV from March 17-19. To schedule your personalized product demo during EXHIBITOR2014, please contact sales (at) t1visions (dot) com.

About T1Visions

T1Visions creates interactive technology that brings people together. Deliberately large in size and incredibly durable, our inTouch™ Tables, Walls, and Digital Signage transform public spaces into more dynamic environments for groups of people looking to learn, share, and communicate both individually and collectively. Our team is made up of design, engineering, business and technology minds alike - resulting in unrivaled support to our customers from start to finish.

Based in Charlotte, NC, T1Visions works with retail, events and exhibits, enterprise, hospitality, and education markets around the globe. Visit to learn more about our products and how we can work with you and your industry.