Las Vegas, Nevada - Las Vegas City Council will met on Wednesday, April 18.

Agenda Item 5  -  Cedric Crear Oath of Office: Cedric Crear was sworn in and is officially the new Ward 5 Councilman.

Agenda Item 9  - Medical Marijuana Proposed Ordinance: City Council approves the business impact statement regarding a proposed ordinance relating to medical marijuana. This ordinance would conform to recently adopted provisions of state law; it adds requirements related to licensing and regulation of “retail” marijuana operations.

Agenda Item 10  -  “Nightclub” Definition Update: City Council approved the business impact statement regarding a proposed ordinance to amend the licensing and zoning provisions regarding nightclubs to update the definition of “nightclub” and revise applicable licensing and zoning standards; the ordinance would also adjust the live entertainment and food sales provisions pertaining to restaurants with alcohol.

Agenda Item 16  -  Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Community Health Improvement Programs (CHIPS): On Oct. 4, 2017, City Council approved award of Contract №180031-SK in the annual amount of $60,000 for a social response management solution that integrates with the 911 dispatch program to provide services and outreach for non-emergency issues. Today, City Council approved the modification to this contract, services will expand to provide a Licensed Independent Social Worker or Licensed Clinical Social Worker to respond as a member of a Mental Crisis Health Team. These team members will assess basic psychosocial needs of the individual and assist with determining health, safety status, mental health and substance abuse issues.

Agenda Item 20  - Mobile Crisis Outreach Response Unit: City Council approved a sub-grant agreement between the city and the State of Nevada, Division of Public and Behavioral Health. The sub-grant award is in the amount of $1,887,947 for the purpose of establishing a mobile crisis outreach response unit. This will allow the city to provide disposition-appropriate response to 9–1–1 calls for citizens undergoing psychiatric emergencies but having no medical conditions requiring transport to a hospital emergency department. The service will be provided through contracts with a private ambulance provider, a local non-profit and partnerships with mental health facilities. No cost match is required.

Agenda Item 44  -  Public Works Report on Roadway Transfer Agreement The city and the Nevada Department of Transportation have been working on a roadway transfer agreement through which the State would assume ownership and maintenance of Summerlin Parkway and the city would assume ownership and maintenance of portions of Charleston Boulevard, Sahara Avenue and Fremont Street.

Agenda Item 40  -  LVFR Report on Alternative Support and Assistance: In an effort to match patients and citizens with the right resources, LVFR has been developing a variety of medical and community services that offer residents alternative support and assistance to varying circumstances, including the Community Paramedicine, Crisis Response Team and CHIPS. In 2015, the state of Nevada adopted AB 305 (currently codified at NRS 450B) authorizing a fire-fighting agency, such as LVFR, to provide community paramedicine services to the community at large. LVFR described the parameters of the proposed community paramedicine program and will bring back an item to explicitly authorize LVFR to provide community paramedicine services as approved by the Southern Nevada Health District.

Agenda Item 49  -  Proposal to Establish Required Process for Public Engagement When Repurposing Golf Courses & Open Spaces: This was abeyed to the May 16 Recommending Meeting.