Las Vegas, Nevada - Vidillion enjoys an impressive mid-year milestone as it delivered a record 2,700 unique connected TV (CTV) ads for the month of May and delivered CTV ads to 98 countries.

These figures will increase as Vidillion, one of the leaders in Connected TV advertising delivery solutions, enters the second half of the year. Vidillion’s record-breaking figures demonstrate its outreach to multiple ad network partners. “Vidillion’s large supply of advertisements minimizes viewer ad fatigue from seeing the same ads repeatedly. We are determined to continue our efforts for the rest of 2014 as we deliver more and more diverse CTV ads to video streaming viewers all over the world,” says Dennis Nugent, Vidillion’s Founder and COO.

More and more viewers across the globe are switching to Connected TV, providing an ever-broadening opportunity for advertisers. The viewing platforms of internet-enabled television and video streaming are changing the advertising landscape as they allow advertisers to create ads for their brands with the impact of commercials with individual targeting. In the forefront is Vidillion’s patent-pending ad service, VidTizer. VidTizer uses the streaming video marketplace to allow advertisers to deliver ads to accurately targeted consumers on any Internet-enabled Connected TV.

Vidillion’s Connected TV monetization platform, VidTizer, allows advertisers to precisely target viewers based on viewer profiles such as device, religion, geography, language, and content. Aside from targeting specific demographics, Vidillion’s diverse advertisement delivery platform prevents viewer fatigue by closely monitoring ad exposure. VidTizer’s three-tier business model maximizes ad revenues from ad inventory while allowing content distributors to zero in on their target viewers. Another innovation allows content owners to monetize their video content streamed to connected TVs through VidTizer.

Vidillion delivers over a million Connected TV ads per day to TV broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) video service providers. In early 2014 more partnerships were cemented with WMSPanel, as well as leading hunting and fishing network, Pursuit Channel. Soon InstantTV for Roku Channel Advertising will be added.

About Vidillion: Vidillion built the first connected TV monetization platform, VidTizer. VidTizer enables video content owners and video service providers (VSPs) to make money from content viewed on connected TVs. Vidillion’s proprietary patent-pending software allows precisely targeted ads based on device, profile, geography, language and context, and verifies ad delivery. VidTizer three-tier hierarchies of business rules maximizes the revenue from ad inventory and allows content distributors to limit ads to viewers based on profiles such as religion, language, device, content or other parameters. VidTizer includes the Vidillion Versatile Anonymous SysTem (VAST) proxy server that allows delivery of ads to non-VAST compliant devices. VidTizer uniquely offers content owners the means to monetize their video content on Connected TVs. For more information, please visit