Las Vegas, Nevada - The latest model from ESD America is the CP500, an android based secure phone that takes cellular security to a whole new level. It now detects hackers as well as providing secure calls and messages.

"Organizations using GSM Interceptors and conducting attacks on cell phone processors have been undetectable until now, the CP500 gives users unprecedented awareness of when they are under attack," says Les Goldsmith CEO of ESD America.

The CP500's firewall provides immediate alerts when encryption is deactivated or the cell phone is directed to operate through a rouge cell tower. Additionally attacks on the baseband and operating system are blocked and logged on the device for user review.

ESD America recently conducted tests in the Nevada desert of the CP500's capabilities, including identifying when normal cellular security is deactivated and rouge cell towers are employed. ESD America's tests successfully proved that encryption alone is powerful but awareness of when and where attacks occur provides greater insight and security for customers.

"Hackers will typically attempt to direct your cell calls through a fake cell tower or remotely send commands to your device's baseband processor to gain access" says Buzz Bruner ESD's Private and Corporate Business Development Director.

Four years in development the CP500 overcomes hacking by monitoring every command and action transmitted in and out of the cellular phone.

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