Las Vegas, Nevada - The Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities released three new Fact Sheets on the various ballot initiatives that voters will consider this November:

  • Statewide Question 1: Background Check Initiative
  • Clark County 5: Fuel Revenue Indexing, and
  • Washoe County 1: Washoe County School District Capital Projects Funding.

The statewide question on Question 1: Background Check Initiative seeks to amend the Nevada Constitution. If passed, it would require an unlicensed person who wishes to sell or transfer a firearm to another person to conduct the transfer through a Federal Firearm Licensed (FFL) dealer who is required to run a background check. Currently, private firearm sales made online, in-person or at gun shows are not usually conducted using a FFL dealer, and thus are not subject to a background check. The Guinn Center’s Fact Sheet provides an independent analysis of arguments for and against the initiative.

The second Fact Sheet discusses Question 5: Fuel Revenue Indexing in Clark County, which asks Clark County voters whether the county should continue indexing fuel taxes to the rate of inflation through December 31, 2026. The proceeds of these taxes would be used for the purpose of improving public safety for roadway users and reducing traffic congestion by constructing and maintaining streets and highways in the county. Clark County has been indexing fuel taxes to the rate of inflation since January 1, 2014. This measure is set to expire on December 31, 2016, unless a majority of registered voters in Clark County approves the measure. The Guinn Center’s Fact Sheet examines arguments for and against the initiative, and explains how fuel revenue indexing to inflation works, the legislative history of fuel revenue indexing, and the potential fiscal impact of the measure.

The third new Fact Sheet on Washoe County Question 1 discusses the question that asks Washoe County voters whether to authorize a sales and use tax of 0.54 percent in county to fund only capital projects in Washoe County School District for the acquisition, construction, repair, and renovation of school facilities. In particular, the measure seeks to help reduce over-crowding and to provide needed renovations at aging schools.

The Guinn Center’s Fact Sheets can be found online, along with an accompanying podcast and infographic. Last month, the Guinn Center published a Fact Sheet on the Medical Patient Tax Relief Act, and the organization will also publish Fact Sheets on the other two remaining statewide ballot questions: Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana and Energy Choice. Each of these Fact Sheets is designed to provide a summary of the initiative, arguments for and against the initiative, and a discussion of potential impacts.

The Guinn Center does not take an official position on the ballot initiatives. Rather, the purpose of the Fact Sheets is to discuss each initiative and provide an independent analysis of the facts.