Las Vegas, Nevada - Anyone familiar with the history of organized crime knows the names: Bonanno, Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese and Colombo.  There have been volumes written about that period, some accurate, some not at all. Anthony Colombo, the son of Joseph Colombo Sr., one of those reputed "crime bosses", has written, along with filmmaker and author Don Capria, what he hopes will be the  final word on that turbulent time, the role his father  played and finally, the true details of his murder. In "Colombo: The Unsolved Murder", the authors look to do more than set the record straight.

"My father, Joseph Colombo Sr., was labeled the boss of one of the most notorious crime families in New York¹s history. Every news article, magazine article, and every book that references him repeats with little detail this as fact. Who my father really was, and who was truly responsible for his death has always been shrouded in mystery" Colombo said. "Not to me though, as I know the truth of who he was, what he meant to the Italian-American community, and who should be held accountable for his tragic demise" he continued.

On June 28th, 1971, Joseph Colombo Sr was shot and mortally wounded leading the Italian Unity Day rally in Columbus Circle. Now over 40 years later, his son and confidant tells the truth surrounding the shooting, the on-going wars with Joey Gallo and his crew, his father¹s  formation of the Italian-American Civil Rights League, and Colombo Sr consulting on The Godfather.