Las Vegas, Nevada (NAPSI) - There’s good news for both construction pros and DIY warriors who never met a project they wouldn’t tackle.

The days of lugging a tool bag full of hand tools may be over thanks to the growing popularity of the multi-tool in the construction industry.

This versatile power tool can cut, grind, scrape and sand just about anything, so the requirement for a hand tool to do any one of those jobs is eliminated. In addition, multi-tool precision and power means you don’t have to have superpowers to operate one.

One Tool, Many Uses

The multi-tool, which operates with a side-to-side oscillating motion, sports a variety of blades and pads that do a professional-quality job on tasks such as notching doorjambs, removing baseboards, cutting drywall, removing old linoleum or carpeting, scraping paint, removing grout, and sanding railings, crown molding and other wood surfaces.

When comparing various brands of multi-tools, it’s wise to look for professional-quality accessories that can help you handle specific jobs.

Bosch offers the widest variety of quality accessories and the ability to change those accessories quickly. For example:

• At installation or remodeling time, the kitchen presents a diverse environment requiring a cutting tool for everything from cabinetry fitting to flooring installation.

• Flooring, wall coverings and windows may require scraping to tell a story in wood, glass, drywall and decorative metals from floor to ceiling.

• The basement remodel has become an important part of buying and selling a home. Potential buyers can see a movie or entertainment room with a bar or a children’s play area when old wall coverings are cut away to reveal bare floor joists and exposed insulation.

• Tough materials such as stone, concrete and composite wood may require grinding to configure an integrated outdoor living space.

The Right Interface

The Oscillating Interface System (OIS™) from Bosch maintains a 12-pin design that can be used on virtually every major manufacturer’s multi-tool.

And the system offers a number of added-value benefits, such as reduced vibration in blades for cutting hardwoods and metals and a color-coding system that’s integrated into the blade interface—gray for wood, white for wood and metal, blue for metal and gold for abrasive—that makes finding the right blade for the right job easier.

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