Carson City, Nevada - Janine Hansen, Independent American Party candidate for U.S. Congress District 2, will file today in Carson City.

“Congress’s approval rating is only 9%, according to a Gallup poll released November 12, 2013. No Congressman should go unchallenged when public opinion is so low. The Twin Party Monopoly in Congress continues to give us more government and more out of control government spending, which suppresses jobs and undermines prosperity,” stated Janine Hansen, Independent American Candidate for Congress District 2.

“I am challenging the incumbent and his record. According to Heritage Foundation, Mark Amodei received only a 56% rating, 9 points below the average Republican Congressman at 65%. We don’t need a below average Congressman representing us. We need someone who consistently votes for less government and less government spending, if we are ever going to be able to rebuild the private sector economy and create non-government jobs,” continued Hansen.

“I am running to exercise the important Constitutional Right of Free Speech, because we need to have a serious conversation about the failure of Congress to abide by the limits on the federal government in the Constitution. I have twelve grandchildren and I am concerned about their future. Never before has the future of our children and grandchildren looked so bleak. We are destroying their future as we continue to allow our government to interfere in sovereign nations around the globe. We need to back off in Ukraine before we ignite World War III,” stated Hansen.