Las Vegas, Nevada - During this election cycle, the citizens of Nevada will be asked to vote on three ballot initiatives. One of these is Question 2, which addresses the constitutional provision capping the taxation of minerals extracted in Nevada. It reads: “Shall the Nevada Constitution be amended to remove the cap on the taxation of minerals and other requirements and restrictions relating to the taxation of mines, mining claims, and minerals and the distribution of money collected from such taxation?”

“The Guinn Center’s intent is to provide a Fact Sheet summarizing information and arguments in support of and opposed to Question 2 so that voters can go to the polls feeling as though they are well-informed and have a better understanding of the issues,” said Dr. Nancy Brune, Executive Director of the Guinn Center for Policy Priorities.
The Fact Sheet on Question 2 offers the following:

  • A description of Question 2 and why it is coming before the voters;
  • A summary of Senate Bill 400 from the 2013 Nevada Legislature, which will go into effect on November 25, 2014, if a majority of voters approve Question 2;
  • The calculation of net proceeds of mineral taxes, by county;
  • The state-wide distribution of the net proceeds of mineral taxes, by county;
  • A description of the economic impact of the mining industry in Nevada; and
  • A summary of the arguments for and against Question 2.

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