Reno, Nevada - In recognition of our artistic excellence and organizational strength, Kathie Priebe, Chair of Reno Angels and member of Sierra Angels has issued a challenge grant to the Reno Chamber Orchestra matching unrestricted gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 made between September 1 and December 1, 2016.

Lester Cohen, President of the Board of Directors of the RCO, announcing the challenge said “we are so delighted that Kathie has extended this opportunity to us and as leader of the governing body of the organization I can say, we will fully embrace.”

This past year season the RCO experienced a number of notable successes: sold out houses, the appointment of new staff leadership, yet unrestricted donations to the orchestra have remained relatively flat over the last several years. 

“In order to build on their recent artistic achievements,” said Kathie Priebe, “a nonprofit organization like the RCO must from time to time seek an outside investor to provide that necessary boost to achieve the financial success that is required to sustain that level of programmatic success. I hope this challenge will not only encourage current donors to increase or give an additional gift but inspire others to make a first time gift to the orchestra.”

RCO patrons and the general public are encouraged to make their donations either by telephone to the RCO office or online at the orchestra website: