Las Vegas, Nevada - The Clark County Water Reclamation District is reminding Southern Nevada residents not to pour kitchen waste such as fat, oil, grease, and grit (FOGG) down the drain this holiday season.

“With the holidays fast approaching, we are taking this opportunity to ensure the health and safety of both the public, and our pipes,” said District General Manager Tom Minwegen. “FOGG is the number one pipe-clogging culprit and is responsible for 80 percent of all sewer line clogs causing wastewater to backup into homes, businesses, and on the street.” Residents can help prevent blockages by following these simple steps:

  • Just Can It. After cooking, put cooled oil and grease into a can and dispose of it in the garbage.
  • Put a strainer in the sink drain to catch food scraps and empty it into the garbage.

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About the District:
The agency services the unincorporated portions of Clark County, within the Las Vegas Valley, as well as the communities of Blue Diamond, Indian Springs, Laughlin, Moapa Valley and Searchlight. The District collects and treats wastewater utilizing more than 2,100 miles of pipeline, six treatment facilities and 23 lift stations, producing more than 100 million gallons of clean water each day.