Las Vegas, Nevada - A California man pleaded guilty to renovating two apartment complexes in violation of federal Clean Air Act regulations intended to prevent human exposure to toxic airborne asbestos fibers. 

Las Vegas, Nevada - A Las Vegas man was sentenced to 111 months in prison for using skimming devices to steal victims’ identities and credit card account information to buy luxury merchandise — including Rolex watches and high-end purses — and to obtain cash advances at various properties on The Strip.

Las Vegas, Nevada - A Las Vegas man pleaded guilty Wednesday to trading over 600 child pornography images and videos using Kik Messenger, an instant messaging application on mobile devices.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Four alleged members of La Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) have been charged in a federal superseding indictment with a racketeering conspiracy involving multiple murders, kidnappings and burglaries, as well as drug trafficking.

Las Vegas, Nevada - A Las Vegas man was sentenced on Tuesday to five years and 10 months in prison for assuming others’ identities to steal nearly $185,800 from the Nevada State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Fund.