Las Vegas, Nevada - At Yesterday’s meeting, the Las Vegas City Council unanimously approved the contracts of new Chief Operations and Development Officer Tom Perrigo and new Executive Director of Community Development Mike Janssen. Both were selected for their positions by City Manager Jorge Cervantes.

Perrigo, who has been with the city of Las Vegas since 1994, will now oversee the departments of Operations and Maintenance, Economic and Urban Development, Public Works, Planning, and Building and Safety in his new role as chief operations and development officer.

Previously, Perrigo served as executive director of Community Development, Planning director and chief sustainability officer among other positions. During his tenure at the city, he was responsible for the adoption of numerous planning and sustainability policies, and programs aimed at growing a resilient, sustainable city.

Janssen succeeds Perrigo in the position of executive director. Janssen, who began his career with the city in 1997 as an engineering associate, will focus on the city’s infrastructure-related departments of Public Works and Operations and Maintenance.

During his time at the city, Janssen has held various positions, including land development project engineer, traffic engineering project manager, assistant city traffic engineer, transportation division manager, and most recently, Public Works director.

Janssen has been a licensed professional civil engineer since 1999 and a registered professional traffic operations engineer since 2004.