Scottsdale, Arizona - The most downloaded app in golf, GolfLogix, has announced that its innovative Putt Breaks feature is now available on Android devices. Giving average players access to the same green maps that tour pros have in their pocket, GolfLogix is giving all golfers the opportunity to Play Smarter.

"Android users can now experience our new game-changing Putt Breaks feature," says Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. "Putt Breaks uses intelligent 3D maps to show golfers where their approach shots will roll and how their putts will break. With one-touch putt reading, you can see precise close-up views of the breaks between the ball and cup, including subtle changes in elevation, slope and green direction that are often undetectable to the naked eye." 

With the help of advanced laser scanning and photographic technologies that capture and convert terrain data into colored 3D maps, Android users will be able to understand greens with a brand new level of detail. Putt Breaks has over 8,000 courses and greens mapped nationwide, and counting.

In addition to the game-changing Putt Breaks feature, GolfLogix offers over 35,000 interactive course maps worldwide, accurate distances to any point on the fairway or green, as well as every hazard and layup on the course, and in-round pro-level stats and scoring.

GolfLogix is offering Android users a FREE 30-day trial of the Putt Breaks feature! Download the GolfLogix app through the Google Play store, and experience A New Way to Play. 

About GolfLogix: GolfLogix is the complete game improvement app with more than 4 million users worldwide. Dedicated to offering golfers the most advanced green mapping, GPS solutions, and stats tracking at an accessible price, GolfLogix helps improve performance on the golf course.

Founded in 1999, GolfLogix was the first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry and holds a U.S. patent for its unique GPS and club tracking application. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, GolfLogix has been professionally mapping courses for more than 19 years-owning the largest, most up-to-date golf course database in the world.

In 2009, the rapid advancement of smartphone technology allowed GolfLogix to develop an easy-to-use application that provides precise GPS distances. In addition, GolfLogix has in-round pro-level stat tracking, scorekeeping, and the game-changing feature Putt Breaks.